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Bass Strait - THOR A-frame mobilisation

Thrust Maritime recently completed mobilising one of our rental THOR (Thrust Hyperbaric Offshore Recovery) A-frames onto a platform supply vessel. This upgrades the vessel capability and enables it to function as a Hyperbaric Rescue Vessel (HRV). The HRV will operate in Bass Strait and stay within two hours of the dive vessel to provide rescue in the event of hyperbaric evacuation of the saturation divers.

Our skilled team of engineers and qualified boilermakers worked together on the integration design, fabrication, welding and mobilisation of the A-Frame system. Both the A-frame and winch are DNV-GL certified and the system as a whole was load tested to 55t. This ensures appropriate safety factors for the lifting of personnel in the hyperbaric lifeboat and includes the dynamics loads from vessel motions.

Thrust Maritime are specialists in high integrity offshore launch and recovery solutions; for more info on Thrust Maritime's capabilities visit:


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