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Our manufacturing facility is located in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia, the manufacturing and assembly capability includes the following:

  • Ability to process raw material (ie. aluminium and steel)

  • High level of experience with exotic materials including ultra-high strength steels allowing the weight to be minimized

  • Assembly of control, electrical and hydraulic systems

  • Extensive experience in high specification, heavy fabrication to Classification Society requirements

  • Complete end to end manufacture and assembly of marine equipment

  • Having worked closely with DNV our welders are qualified to a variety of marine standards; with extensive experience and a myriad of qualified welding procedures for the welding of extremely high yield steels (yield at a minimum of 690MPa).

  • In addition to our manufacturing capability, we have:

    • A very large load testing bed (81t capacity) which is used for the conduct shore based function and load testing

    • Winch spooling system

Facility details

  • Size: ~2000 sq.m

  • 2 off 8t overhead gantry cranes – total capacity 16t

Pakenham Factory.JPG
2013-05-06 18.17.15-crop.jpg
2015-07-16 12.31.24-retouch (Medium).jpg
2012-09-05 14.49.17-crop.jpg
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