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Thrust Maritime have developed and patented the Winshackle; this is a remote controlled shackle which has an integrated winch.  A Winshackle significantly improves rough weather connection capability for THOR systems, A-Frames and other offshore lifts.

Features include:

  • Reduces / removes the risk of hook impact and manual handling in rough weather

  • Simple - requires minimal training

  • Suitable for all weather conditions

  • Suitable for night time use

  • Available on a rental basis

Specifications include:

  • Wireless Remote Controlled

  • Failsafe design

  • Battery Operated

  • SWL: 25t personnel

  • Design Load: 150t

  • Safety Factor: 6:1

  • Winch capacity 600kg

  • Design to DNV GL ST 0378



IMG_1903 (Medium)
IMG_1905 (Medium)
IMG_1907 (Medium)


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