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Offshore Crane Rental

Marine Deck Crane Australia.png

AST-0066 FASSI Deck Crane

  • Type: Deck Crane

  • Model: F310AXP.25

  • Brand: FASSI

  • Equipment Safe Working Load (inboard): 6,667kg

  • Reach: 14.6m

  • Remote Control = Yes - Wireless

  • HPU - yes fully incorporated

  • Typically used for deck chess / handling equipment on the deck of a vessel. 

Easily trucked/transported with integrated seafastening grillage


Custom Solutions

Don't see the ideal solution for your project listed here? Thrust Maritime regularly design, modify and manufacture custom solutions for our clients to rent or buy, and also have access to a range of other products through our supply chain partners.

Contact the team today to further discuss how we can help!

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