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Thrust Maritime wins Multi-Million-Dollar export Contract for Submarine Rescue Operations

We’re delighted to share the exciting news that Thrust Maritime, an Australian veteran-owned company renowned for its high integrity Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS), has secured a significant multi-million-dollar defence contract. This contract involves supplying a cutting edge LARS for submarine rescue operations to a major European Navy. 

The LARS is designed to deploy a special umbilical that enables emergency ventilation and decompression for a disabled submarine, significantly enhancing the survivability of the personnel onboard. This innovative solution is a pivotal component of a broader system provided by our client, Phoenix International. 

The availability of an Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression System (SEVDS) not only enhances the submarine force's response capabilities but also positively impacts morale, addressing critical challenges such as recruitment and retention. These aspects are crucial for many nations striving to maintain their naval strength. 

Thrust Maritime is proud to showcase our commitment to innovation and the development of world-class solutions. This achievement is testament to our unique capabilities and recognition of our contributions to the defence sector. We are honoured to collaborate once again with Phoenix International, who are global leaders in submarine rescue. 

Media can download the official release here:

Download PDF • 154KB


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