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Rental AHC Winch
Active Heave Compensation

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Project reference List (2023 projects):

SGH Energy - Subsea Campaign - Bass Strait

Beach Energy - Subsea Campaign - West and Central Bass Strait

Cooper Energy - Subsea Campaign - Eastern Bass Strait

Rapid-mobilisation electric Active Heave Compensated winch system designed for subsea launch and recovery operations.
Rent and deploy on an existing vessel to increase capability

Thrust Maritime have developed and have available an AHC winch which is available for short, medium and long term rental.  Typically it is deployed on short projects in order to upgrade existing vessel capability.

Fully integrated electric driven system - controls and drive system on a single skid for reliable rapid mobilisation.

Key Specifications

  • 12t Safe Working Load (in-air)

    • 18t dynamic load capacity

  • Design Seastate: 3.75m wave height with 8 second period

    • Significantly exceeds typical ROV capabilities

  • 450m rope as standard

  • Design standard: DNVGL-ST-0378

  • Low-Inertia Electric Drive System

  • Operating Modes: Manual, Constant Tension (CT), Active Heave Compensation (AHC) Modes, Hybrid AHC+CT

  • ​Fits in 20’ container - Simple domestic & international freight

  • ​Single skid installation - Fully integrated system with sea fastening for fast mobilisation.  Integrated MRU no calibration required

  • Backup hydraulic recovery system

  • Drum shell can be changed for additional rope length

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AHC Sea trials image.jpg

Video is from 2021 Sea trials

Further Details
  • Electric permanent magnet motor - Responsive ultra low-inertia motor for high line-speed and high energy efficiency

  • Adjustable level-wind system - Provides a wide range of off-lead angles, maximising deck layout options

  • Drum: Specially grooved, split-shell

  • Wire: 26mm as standard

  • Wire type: Rotation resistant, compacted, galvanized, internally lubricated with IWRC

  • Brakes: Dual independent fail-safe primary hydraulic band brake, secondary static gearbox disc brake

  • Operational Temperature: 0 to 45°C

  • Power Draw: 181kW (Rated), 280kW (Peak). 

  • Typical supply is 2 off 350kVA genset or ship supply - providing backup supply through integrated changeover switch

  • Suitable for either 415V AC @ 50Hz or  440V AC @ 60Hz


Simple calibration, only data required is:

  • x, y, z location of last sheave

  • x, y, z location of winch

  • Being a fully electric system (as opposed to hydraulic), there is no tuning required.  Simple plug and play

  • Single lift onto deck – fully integrated system

  • Typically 6 weld down dogs

  • Designed for integration to deck without removal of t-bars

  • Can be installed in any direction – can use intermediate sheave to redirect

  • Can use existing sky hook (e.g. crane, a-frame or other high point)

Location, Storage and freight

  • Typically stored at location of last job.  Available ex Melbourne

  • Storage in 20ft high cube side opening container for maximum weather protection

  • Easy freight, storage container is CSC certified for standard international intermodal freight

AHC Winch Dimensions

Length: 5750mm

Width: 2200mm

Height: 2450mm

Weight: 13t

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