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Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture


We have significant experience and provide consulting services in:

  • Finite Element Analysis;

  • Seafastening Calculations;

  • Lifting analysis;

  • Active Heave Compensation and Constant Tension Systems;

  • Guide Wire System Design;

  • Stability Analysis; and

  • Naval Architecture.

Offshore Accommodation Modules


We have significant experience with the design and integration of offshore modular accommodation units (Containerised type) onto vessels.  

Our most notable projects has been the Arkutun Dagi Accommodation module project, our scope included the design, management of fabrication, integration design and on-site integration of a 220 man accommodation complex.  This was fully class certified to the ABS Temporary Accommodation Module Code.

Another notable project has been the INPEX accommodation module project which had a similar scope to the Arkutan Dagi project on another vessel.

Further detail:

Exxon Neftegas - Arkutan Dagi Platform - Accomodation Vessel

Thrust Maritime were engaged and successfullly lead the design, management of manufacture and installation of a 220 man portable and modular accomodation and office complex for a large DP3 offshore vessel.  This accomodation complex was used to support the commissioning of the Arkutan Dagi Platform.  The modular nature of the design allowed it to be installed in limitless ways - later with Thrust Maritime leadership, the same modular complex was installed onto another vessel to support commissioning of the INPEX project in Australia.

The complete system from detailed design, through manufacture and integration was certified by ABS.  The design was quite novel - being an extremely large and complicated modular system with multiple interconnected systems (fire, internet, alarms, PAGA, HVAC etc).  Each module was very high in quality - complying with the latest regulations and being of high quality finish allowing use in Australia.  Special modules included an interconnected kitchen comprising of 5 joined modules; large interconnected boardroom comprising of 3 modules allowing comfortable boardroom seating for 16 people.  

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