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Hyperbaric Rescue

Thrust Hyperbaric Offshore Recovery (THOR) Systems the globally leading solution for recovery of HRCs and SPHLs - widely available for project based rental


Marine Consulting

With very specialist marine skills, we provide expert consulting services in Naval Architecture, Submarine Rescue, Subsea operations, FEA, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical marine engineering


Marine Design

Capablities in Naval Architecture, structural, mechanical, subsea, electrical, hydraulic and control systems engineering.  Specialists in design using ultra high strength marine materials - achieving extreme weight savings.


Ship Repair & Husbandry

Extensive on ship repair and husbandry capabilities, including on-site marine welding, hydraulic, electrical and control system capabilities.  Using qualified and experienced marine personnel.


LARS Rental / Manufacture

Extensive range of Launch and Recovery equipment available for short or long term rental.  Thrust also excels in the development of bespoke solutions.  A-Frames, winches, LARS, davits etc.

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Marine Manufacturing

Specialists in ultra high strength marine  manufacturing allowing weight minimization.

 Extensive Australian Manufacturing capability


Subsea Solutions

Leaders in high integrity subsea lifting operations - delivering exceptional solutions

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AHC Winch Rental

Provision of AHC Winch rental - providing a unique rental capability - Active Heave Compensation systems enhance vessel capability

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Marine davits

Broad range of marine workboat, rescue boat and seaboat davits



Capabilities and experience in design and manufacture using Systems Engineering methods for Royal Australian Navy.  Experience includes submarine rescue systems and structural/hydraulic systems

Thrust Maritime is an Australian company that specializes in the design, manufacture, integration, installation and operation of specialist marine Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS).   We also provide engineering services on a consulting basis, including naval architecture, subsea, mechanica, and instrument and electrical services.

We have a unique rental suite of launch and recovery equipment, which includes a number A-Frames, marine cranes and a very special Active Heave Compensated (AHC) Winch.  The AHC Winch is an enabler for subsea operations as it allows subsea operations to be completed from local and much smaller vessels, which results in significant cost savings.

We provide services globally, and our projects have included work in Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Myanmar.


Core strengths include:
•    Deep understanding and application of safety-critical lifting appliance codes to ensure compliance, maximise safety and avoid operating restrictions
•    Practical know-how designing, manufacturing and deploying systems to launch and recover manned bo
ats at sea
•    Full digital design capability executed wholly in 3D CAD
•    Sophisticated simulation of vessel motion at sea combined with structural performance modelling for assured strength and durability
•    In-house advanced manufacturing capability at our Pakenham (Victoria) facility for quality assurance and local control of the deliverables
•    Design and manufacture of complete LARS systems including structural, mechanical, hydraulics, controls, electrical and winch
•    Active-Heave Compensation and Active Constant-Tension winch systems for the ultimate control of loads at sea
•    Advanced ship interface template systems, allowing rapid and repeatable installation of davits /launch and recovery systems – thereby allowing davits to be maintained in a rotable method – thus maximising Platform operability
•    Welding of ultra-high-strength steel and other lightweight structures
•    Development of patented lifting equipment for use at sea, driven by safety and practicality

Thrust Maritime works to a well developed management system which is certified to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and AS4801 with Bureau Veritas.  

BV Certification ISO 9001, 14001, 4501
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