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Forklift Pipe Stabilsers

Forklift Pipe Stabiliser - Basic Model specifications:

  • Pipe stabilisation forklift attachment system

    • Each system provides working capacity up to fork capacity

      • Load capacity:

        • 16,500kg (note: Attachments will be derated to suit each forklift)

  • Fork Attachment compliance plates

  • Compliance with AS2359.6 – 2013.

  • Each stabiliser matched to forklift tyne dimensions (up to maximum tyne length of 2400mm minus lost load of 254mm)

  • Stabilising range (vertical) 0mm to 1000mm

  • Clamping force – no more than 500kg on pipe

  • Elimination of contact with pipe via:

    • Nylon wear pads attached to underside of the stabilisation arm

    • Sleaves on bottom tyne arms (client supply)

    • Nylon wear pads on fork side to act as bumper

  • Number of hydraulic functions: 1 (vertical stabilisation only)

    • Pipes must be rolled back to the fork shanks before stabiliser is engaged

Custom options available upon request

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