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Vessel Motions Research

A clear understanding of ship motions is critical to being able to estimate and predict complicated offshore lifting loads and optimise offshore operations. As leaders in high integrity offshore lifting, motions analysis is one of our core analysis skills. As part of continually improving this capability and supporting final year Naval Architecture student outcomes, we are collaborating on some research with the Australian Maritime College (AMC).

This collaboration involves 2 research projects conducting model testing, analysis and machine learning to develop predictive algorithms. Over the past few months, model testing has been completed in the AMC Model Test Basin on a number of hull forms. The numerical analysis and machine learning phases of the project will commence shortly.

This research is extremely helpful when assessing vessel suitability for offshore operations, including launch and recovery duties such as the conduct of subsea or submarine rescue operations. It also aids in ensuring Active Heave Compensation (AHC) systems are appropriately sized for their intended use.

Thanks to Gregor Macfarlane, Nick Johnson, and the students Thomas Rehrmann and Joel Mahnken for the efforts and achievements to date.

Thrust Maritime are specialists in high integrity offshore launch and recovery solutions, in addition we provide consulting services in naval architecture including the conduct of motions analysis.


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