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New facility

Thrust Maritime Pty. Ltd. is delighted to announce the acquisition of a large parcel of land in East Dandenong, where we will soon commence construction on a new facility to support our expanding operations. The new facility will consolidate our multi - disciplinary team into a single location, streamlining our activities and improving efficiency. The location is perfectly suited to support Victorian oil and gas operations and potential offshore wind activities.

Key features of the new facility include:

▪ A size of 4,750 square metres.

▪ Four overhead gantry cranes, two with a 32t safe working load and two with a 20t safe working load, with hook heights over 10 meters.

▪ Large, modern offices, including client offices, remote operations & training rooms.

▪ A high-security facility that meets defence requirements.

▪ An upstairs entertaining area (for our enjoyment).

Having our design team co-located with production will be a game changer and further enhance our ability to solve and support complicated multi-system and multi-discipline marine challenges.

For an overview of our capability, visit:


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