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12t Active Heave Compensation Winch now available for rent!

The completion of this rental AHC winch is a major milestone for us and we are very proud of our team having designed, developed and manufactured in Australia.

The AHC winch is used for the deployment and recovery of subsea equipment - reducing costs through improved efficiency from an operational perspective. It winds in and out really quickly to counteract the movement of the waves, keeping equipment static in relation to the seabed.

Unique to this winch is the low inertia electric motor which allows rapid installation without the need for tuning - indeed each of our two mobilisations to date have been completed in a single shift.

Key Specifications are:

- 12t SWL in air & 18t dynamic load rating

- 450m wire, can be configured for 1100m with reduced capacity

- One crane lift onto host vessel

- Integrates with existing sky hook (e.g. crane, A-Frame or other)

- Dual auto failsafe brakes

- Available for rent now

For further details visit:

or contact us directly.


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