Thrust Maritime have two THOR Systems available for rent; they are identical and have a 50t SWL (design load of 81t, which allows for a 25t SWL capacity when carrying people). They are fully certified to DNV 2.22 Lifting Appliances for use in the Offshore environment, with specific man-riding / personnel lift and subsea lift certifications.
THOR Systems are used for the recovery of HRC's (Hyperbaric Rescue Chambers) and SPHLs (Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats).  
THOR Systems have been designed to suit a wide variety of vessels allowing rapid installation.  Typically they are fitted to Anchor handlers (AHTS), or Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs), although they can also be fitted to smaller lighter vessels.
The THOR System modular design allows efficient mobilization on a B-double truck or 40ft flat rack containers.
The slideshow to the left details typical installation steps.  Installation normally takes 1.5 to 2 days, although we recommend allowing 3 days.
We have a specialist team to engineer the interface to the host vessel.  Normal connection detail is either through down bolting or side bolting with welded bolt plates.  As part of this process we conduct structural, motion and stability analysis for the host vessel.  We then generate installation drawings, procedures and a supporting integration design report.

THOR Systems

(Thrust Hyperbaric Offshore Recovery) Systems

Optimally THOR systems are configured for over the side recovery. Over the side recovery provides the following significant benefits:
  • Allows both SPHL and HRV to head into weather during recovery;
  • Locating THOR at midships reduces motions; and
  • Allows steering of SPHL as water passes over rudder.
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SPHL survivability research – first testing phase completed!

September 4, 2017

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