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Innovative ROV LARS launched

In close collaboration with ROV industry leaders, Intervention Engineering (IE), we have recently designed and manufactured two new Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) for their ROVs. These LARS represent a significant improvement in safety and efficiency, lowering the related risks to ALARP.

Winning a recent multi-year platform inspection contract required IE to provide a portable, safe LARS that could be relocated manually on a platform. IE went to Thrust Maritime with a brief for an IBC based gravity LARS to meet those goals.

The LARS are suitable for use on an FPSO or fixed platform. They are innovative in that they use a water-filled IBC as the counter-weight, eliminating the need for welding or hot work. Additionally, they are ultra-lightweight, making them easy to move and assemble by hand.

The LARS have been designed to allow for safe erection, ROV-washing, and to provide a stable platform for maintenance. The integrated handrails ensure that work at heights is always conducted safely. The LARS complies with the DNV-ST-0378 lifting appliances code.

Visit our website to learn more about our systems:


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