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AHC busy in Bass Strait

It’s great to see the Victorian oil and gas operators benefiting from the significant cost savings associated with our rapidly mobilised, ultra-low inertia electric AHC winch system. Current subsea projects include Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) and decommissioning.

The benefits are clear – significant cost savings – often in the millions of dollars as specialist vessels are not required to be mobilised and vessel day rates are much lower.

▪ For the IRM scopes – the ability to react quickly and deal with a subsea issue using a local pre-approved vessel is where additional benefits are being seen.

▪ For the decommissioning scopes – the lighter, time consuming or set up jobs are being done before the arrival of the rig or specialist intervention vessel which results in further savings.

Our AHC winch fits inside a 20ft container so can be easily mobilised globally. If you’re challenged in executing subsea operations, or struggling to find suitable vessels – pick up the phone and talk to us about how things can be done differently.


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