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2023 with a bang

Thrust Maritime Pty. Ltd. kicked 2023 off with a bang!

Our team successfully completed three concurrent mobilisations in opposite corners of the country:

▪ A subsea lifting system, including Active Heave Compensated Winch (AHC) and A-Frame in Geelong for subsea operations in Bass Strait.

▪ A Thrust Hyperbaric Offshore Recovery (THOR) A-frame in Exmouth, WA to provide Hyperbaric Rescue Vessel (HRV) capability for saturation dive operations on the Northwest Shelf.

▪ Mobilisation of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) spread in Geelong to support a Bass Strait campaign.

Each of these projects required rapid and concurrent engineering, customer support and production, followed by on-site vessel installation, load testing and certification. Great team effort by all involved!


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