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Need subsea IRM work done?

Forget large construction vessels or slow, expensive mobilizations. Last week, Thrust Maritime mobilized our rental A-frame and AHC winch onto a vessel in just 14 hours! (Installation, load testing, generators, downline spread, even refuelling).

But the real magic is in the AHC winch itself. Being fully electric (not hydraulic) there is no calibration needed, it installs on practically any vessel in a flash.

This means:

✅ Rapid deployment: You're operational ASAP, saving crucial time and money.

✅ Vessel flexibility: Use a local or standard (AHT/PSV) vessel

✅ Expert support: Locally we handle hot works, mobilization, AND offshore project management.

Want to conquer your next subsea challenge? Talk to Thrust Maritime Pty. Ltd.!


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