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Thrust Maritime management systems are certified by Bureau Veritas to the following standards: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and AS/NZS 4801.








Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Policy


Thrust Maritime Pty. Ltd. considers the Health, Safety, Environment for all its employees, contractors, customers, and the community to be of primary importance.  Maintaining the high quality of our projects and products is critical to the success of Thrust Maritime.

As such, we maintain a comprehensive Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System (HSEQ MS) conforming to international best practice.

The overall success of the HSEQ MS is based on the following:


Leadership, Commitment, and Accountability

The Company Leadership are committed to providing a safe, healthy, environmentally friendly workplace and prevent any workplace injury or ill health, prevent harm to the environment, and providing quality products and services to meet all client requirements.    The company is continually assessing all opportunities and risks to eliminate hazards and reduce HSEQ risks to as low as reasonably practicable.


Employee Participation and Accountability

All employees are responsible and accountable for performing their work in accordance with approved HSEQ procedures, safely and with no ethical violations. All personnel can ‘Stop the Job’ at any time.  Employees and workforce members are consulted, and participate in all HSEQ matters.


Thrust Maritime is committed to comply with all applicable HSEQ Legislation and other requirements. Reviews, audits and assurance processes are in place to ensure compliance.


The Company shall provide training in HSEQ practices, procedures and any other skill training required to perform work effectively and meet HSEQ requirements.


Continuous Improvement

Leadership is committed to continuous improvement in our HSEQ performance through regular measurement and review of objectives, procedures and processes.

Ben Healy

Managing Director

Revision 5, dated 4th February 2022

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