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World first solution to Hyperbaric Evacuation for remote area saturation diving

We're extremely pleased to advise that we have recently completed the installation of one of our "THOR" Hyperbaric Offshore Recovery Systems and a HRF (Hyperbaric Reception Facility) onto a HRV (Hyperbaric Rescue Vessel) for extremely remote area saturation diving - we believe this to be a world first.

Load testing, drills, audits and trials were completed in Malaysia and saturation diving is now underway. The project involves the installation of the Badamyar Low Compression Platform in Myanmar; which being in an extremely remote area required a new approach to Hyperbaric Evacuation. The Platform is being installed for French Oil and Gas major Total, with primary contractor SapuraAcergy and diving operations by SapuraKencana Allied Marine.

HRV sailing to field - A-Frame standing ou!

The traditional approach of having the HRF at port would mean the time spent on the HRV would significantly increase risk to the divers – having the HRF on board allows immediate access for life support and commencement of decompression within two hours of a hyperbaric evacuation.

This is our second project for SapuraAcergy; where our DNV certified “for hire” large man-riding A-Frames (called "THOR"s) have been installed onto a HRV. They are specifically designed and used for the recovery of Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHLs) or Hyperbaric Rescue Capsules (HRCs) and provide an ALARP solution to Hyperbaric Evacuation.

Deck layout showing HRF on the HRV

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