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Quality Policy

Maintaining the high quality of our projects and products is critical to the success of Thrust Maritime.


Meeting customer contractual requirements is of primary importance together with a focus on continual improvement. We have a responsibility to assure product compliance for the work we undertake as well as our supervision of our suppliers, our vendors and our subcontractors.


Key Requirements:

The achievement of a quality product, safely, on time, in budget with no ethical violations is our prime focus. The achievement of this is based on the following:


Leadership, Commitment, Planning and Accountability

The Company Leadership is responsible and accountable for showing its commitment to quality and for providing the necessary resources to meet the agreed requirements.


Employee Participation and Accountability

The Company Leadership is responsible and accountable for the work performed by their direct reports and is required to ensure that quality requirements are made known and followed. All employees are responsible and accountable for performing their work in accordance with approved procedures, safely and with no ethical violations. If at any time employees are not sure what these requirements are, they are expected to ask their manager for clarification before continuing the work.



We will strive for compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, work instructions, codes and standards relating to the work being performed. Reviews, audits and measurements will be made to gauge compliance.



The Company will provide training in quality awareness plus any other skill training required to perform work effectively and meet specified requirements.


Continual Improvement

We will strive for continual improvement in the quality of our products and services through regular measurement and review of processes.



Ben Healy

Managing Director


Revision 1 - 13 August 2017

Due for review 13 August 2020


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