Lifting Personnel

It is recognized that the requirements for lifting of personnel are more stringent than those for the lifting of equipment. Our A-Frames have been designed and certified for lifting of personnel by DNV. The most critical requirement to allow this was doubling the Safe Working Load such that for the lifting of personnel, an additional 2x safety factor is achieved.


A selection of international requirements pertaining to lifting of personnel is outlined as follows:


  • Australian Marine Orders 32 , Nov 2011 Edn, Schedule 3, 2b(iv). In relation to lifting of personnel, “[the crane is to be] demonstrated to be safe for the purpose by hoisting a load at least equal to twice the designed gross operating mass."


  • OGP , International Association of Oil and Gas Producers, Report No. 376, April 2006, Lifting of Personnel; "The equipment used for lifting personnel for work and for personnel transfer shall be specifically designed, approved/certified and clearly marked as suitable for personnel lifting. Any equipmentnot so marked shall not be used for per-sonnel lifting.Lifting accessories and lifted equipment used for liftingpeople shall not be used for any other purpose. The factor of safety required for lifting people shall be higherthan for lifting normal loads, typically this is double for personnel lifting activities."


  • DNV 2.22 , Lifting Appliances, Ch.2 Sec 6, 702 Lifting of Personnel - Rated Capacity. [The personnel load] "shall not exceed 50% of the rated capacity."


IMCA - Guidelines for Lifting Operations, IMCA SEL 019, IMCA M 187, October 2007, 5.6. "The need to use lifting equipmentto transfer or lift people should be reassessed on every occasion. Ideally, the lifting of personnel should be eliminated as far as possible. If, after assessment, there is no alternative, the equipment used needs to be specifically designed or adapted for that purpose and operated within its design parameters. All equipment used for lifting of persons should be reviewed to ensure that risks to persons being lifted are reduced to As Low As Reasonably Practicable.It is also necessary to check what local regulators require, for example regulators can require that all equipment suitable for lifting ofpersons needs to be clearly marked, such as ‘suitable for lifting persons’ and that any equipment not marked in this way should not be used for this purpose."

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